I am in the small percentage of people who actually dread when summer rolls around. The Queensland summers that I’ve experienced for the last 15 years always brought humidity, constant 30+ degree temperatures, sun burns, insects and constant, awful sweaty feeling. Since Australian summers are completely different to European ones I was interested in seeing if a humidity-free summer could persuade me to actually enjoy the season. The European sun is not quite as strong and sweat-inducing here and the bugs have not been as inconvenient as I though they would be considering the houses here are not equipped with fly screens so I must admit I’m not hating it. Keeping in mind that in Germany this weather doesn’t stick around for long I have been making the most of these sunny days and even compiled a list on a rainy May day of things I couldn’t wait to do once the clouds cleared.


Pinterest-worthy Picnics

I love nature and sunny days but I was never really much of an outdoorsy person in the summer when I lived in Australia (see reasons mentioned above). With the lovely weather I wanted to try and get the kids I look after out of the house a little bit more so I have been setting a picnic blanket out on the terrace and have us eat popsicles and drink icy cold water in the sun.

I have so many fond memories of being a kid and going on picnics in our garden with friends. Mum would pack some sandwiches and poppers and we would trudge through the garden with the heavy picnic garden just for the picnic blanket to be covered in ants halfway through the picnic. Despite that, they’re still some of my favourite childhood memories and I’m glad to be sharing that joy with my host sisters this summer.


Make the Chop

I have this as one of my new year’s resolutions but I am yet to take the plunge. I have decided that I am going to chop at least 18cm of my hair to be able to donate it to The Little Princess Trust in the coming months. Summer is the perfect time to make the chop as I can’t really wear my thick mane of waist length hair down in this heat and I’d love for it to not be too short by October/November when it gets back to beanie wearing season.  I am 100% ready to do it so now it’s just a matter of finding time to go to the hairdressers. EEK!


Brighten Things Up a Bit

Throughout autumn, winter and spring I tend to stick to my signature everyday makeup of nude lips and a bit of shimmery gold and bronzy tones on my eyes. When summer came along and my wardrobe became full of colourful pieces I felt as though my go-to look way a bit too dark and heavy for sunny summer days. Not only that but I don’t find it enjoyable to wear heavy makeup especially around my eyes in summer because it just ends up sweating off throughout the day and leaving my skin looking and feeling grim. In my makeup collection I do have a bunch of bright lipsticks, a few eyeshadow palettes with some lovely bright colours and I also have a blue eyeliner that I originally bought for a musical theatre role and haven’t used since so I will make it my mission to incorporate these into some everyday looks.


Punches & Pool-side Lunches

Another fond memory from childhood summer holidays is mixing our own summer punches. On summer Sunday afternoons my family would get together by the pool to have lunch and we would always make a punch to accompany it. A punch is essentially just a refreshing drink comprised of a mix of lots of different drinks and fruit. It can be made however you want but my family usually uses cordial, soda water, ice and canned pineapple to make a tropical non-alcoholic punch but of course if you are of the legal age and wanted something a bit more grown-up then alcohol could be added too. It’s not the healthiest but punches are super quick and easy to put together for a summer barbeque or even that picnic I’m planning so I’ll be experimenting with a few flavour combinations this summer.


Go on a Solo Adventure

For some reason, that I’m yet to figure out myself,  I seem to have a sudden fear of solo travel. For the last 6 months I have been living on the other side of the world to almost everything that’s familiar to me and for the most part I’ve handled it well and relatively anxiety-free so I can’t understand why the thought of travelling anywhere else alone scares me. I have two weeks off work in August to go wherever I please yet whenever I think of taking a solo holiday it just makes me feel silly. However, I did see Lucy Moon’s recent 168 hours where she just took a spontaneous solo trip to Paris and it inspired me to use the independence I have and just go solo too. So provided I can get my silly thoughts in check and book that holiday, be prepared for plenty more travel posts this summer!


N. xx


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