I feel like I say this at the end of each month but June absolutely flew by and we are already over halfway through 2017! How did this happen so soon?! June for me consisted of a freak German heat-wave (by heatwave I mean it actually managed to reach 30 degrees) and having to swelter through it wearing some interesting outfits because the care package full of summer clothes that my mum sent over for me seems to have gotten lost in the mail. I also took my first proper break from work in six months and spent a week in Austria visiting my grandparents. You will probably notice that my favourites this month have been influenced by these abrupt changes in weather and environment.

Food & Drinks

Pita Bread

With summer officially upon us I have really been enjoying sandwiches and salads again. I haven’t eaten pita bread for years but a couple of weeks ago my host mother made pita with greek salad and falafel for dinner and it has quickly become my go to summer meal.

Vanilla Chai Lattes

On a more cosy, wintery note I have also been LOVING chai lattes again. Before last month I hadn’t had a chai latte since moving to Germany 5 months ago so when I finally found it in the grocery store I didn’t hesitate to buy it and I have been drinking an unhealthy amount of it lately to make up for lost time. I’m a huge fan of cinnamon so that makes chai lattes even better. If you’re not a fan of coffee but still want to feel like a fancy adult with a latte then chai latte is the way to go.


Makeup & Skincare

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Hydrating Face Sun Cream Mist

Due to the June heatwave I was out of the house and in the sun a lot more that usual last month which led to a slight glimpse of a tan but also meant that I had to add an extra step to my skincare routine, sun cream. I had seen these Garnier products advertised online and loved the idea that it can be sprayed on top of makeup as I often forget to apply sun cream before putting on my makeup. It’s also incredibly refreshing to spritz on a hot summer’s day. Although it looks quite shiny when first applied it dries normally and doesn’t affect the look of your makeup.

I am really impressed however I do worry about the aerosol can that it’s in. Obviously when I have this product in my bag it’s because I am at the park or the pool and sitting in the sun, hence the need for sun cream, aerosol cans are highly flammable and heat up in the sun so I do worry about the fire hazard.

Garnier BB Cream

Since my usually pale skin now has a slight hint of a tan I have had to switch up my foundation and opt for a darker shade. My skin has actually been quite good lately (thanks to the next favourite) and I haven’t felt the need for much coverage so I have been using a BB cream. I have used this product for years mostly because I love the fresh tea smell of it. It has a very light coverage so some days I do wear a bit of concealer on top but it’s a great foundation for days where I want to cover a bit or redness but don’t really want a full makeup look.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Just before I moved to Germany I found a holy grail skin care product. Due to luggage weight restrictions I decided to leave my half empty bottle of Biore charcoal cleanser behind for my brother to use instead and figured that I’d easily be able to repurchase it in Germany. For the first 4 months of living here I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE! Finally, last month’s random stroll around the drug store looking for products to potentially waste money on I found it! This product clears my pores instantly and my skin is blemish-free after one use. I use it in combination with micellar water to remove my makeup and a couple of times a week I also use face masks. I especially love that whenever I travel I don’t need to take my whole skincare collection with me because this one cleanser is enough to keep my skin from freaking out.


Ecco Sandals

When I went to visit my grandparents last month they treated me to a shopping trip as a late birthday present. I wanted to go practical with the gifts and my grandparents had mentioned that they wanted to buy me a pair of shoes for the summer so I chose this lovely pair of blue leather strappy sandals from Ecco. The soles of these shoes are super comfortable and despite the initial blisters I got from the leather, I have now walked a hefty amount of kilometres in these bad boys and even my crappy flat feet don’t get sore in them. I wasn’t completely sold on the colour of these when I first saw them and was tempted to go for a more neutral black or brown leather instead. I’m so glad I took the step outside of my style comfort zone and bought the blue because they just add a little extra to every outfit without being too much. I love these shoes!

Replay Sunglasses

Another clothing item I was so lucky to receive from my wonderfully generous grandparents was my very first pair of proper sunglasses. I have never been the biggest fan of sunglasses before and every cheap pair I’ve bought before has ended up being ill-fitting, overly tinted, not tinted enough or too tight so that they give me headaches. Therefore I have never felt a need to splash out on a pair of designer specs but when I mentioned to my grandparents that I was interested in buying a pair they insisted that it is worth the money for higher quality sunglasses. Let me tell you, it is a whole new world when you realise you can drive or go outdoors on a sunny day and not have to squint constantly. These particular glasses from Replay are a matte tortoishell in a slightly rounded/slightly cat eye shape that I feel suits my round face and chubby cheeks so well. The best things about these sunglasses, however, is the fact that they are so incredibly light and there are no clips that sit either side of your nose so no tension headaches from pinching and more importantly, no getting them tangled in your hair when you sit the glasses on top of your head. If you’re happy to spend a little bit more for a pair of quality sunglasses then I could not recommend these glasses more.


House Plants

Possibly my biggest favourite of this month was house plants! I actually became a bit of a house plant geek in June and am now a regular at the local nursery. I have always loved flowers and nature (I don’t call this page Wistful Wildflower for nothing) but I am not really much of a green thumb and so I’ve always been hesitant to delve into the world of being a house plant owner. After battling with adapting to the stuffiness of highly insulated European houses I decided that I needed to buy a plant (singular) to try and purify the air in my room a bit more. On my trip to buy this plant I noticed some amazing looking succulents and decided, “hey, why not just build a succulent garden for my windowsill while we’re at it”. After getting home with my new plant purchases I decided I loved the vibe they brought into my room and surely enough the next day I went back to buy another. The only thing stopping me from buying more and making my bedroom into a jungle is the fact that I know I will only be living here for another 6 months and eventually I’m going to have to move these plants with me to another country so I really need to chill a little.


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