Benefit | “Bigger & Bolder Brows” Kit

I bought this as a spur of the moment, jet-lagged induced binge while waiting for my delayed flight in Dubai airport. I was in duty free buying an Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream when one of the shop assistants started showing me the new Benefit brow collection. She offered to fill in my eyebrows for me which after 18 hours of travelling I wasn’t going to decline. After some very flattering compliments despite the clearly sleep-deprived, dehydrated  state of my skin and her helpful presentation on how to use each product to get the eyebrows of my dreams I was hooked and decided to make the splurge and spend the $50 for items I didn’t actually need. Oops!

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The kit comes in a dazzling, circus themed tin that I think looks quite Christmassy.  There is a sticker on the lid with an illustration of a ring leader and “Bigger & Bolder Brows” text but this is removable, as too is the packaging inside the tin so it is completely reusable. As pretty as it is though, the tin isn’t really the main event.

The main event is the Ka-Brow eyebrow gel. The formula is a cream-gel consistency which doesn’t apply as easily as other eyebrow products I’ve tried and takes a little bit more working in but once blended looks so natural. I’m not sure if it’s the colour (I’m shade 3) or the consistency but it honestly blends so well into my natural brows and thickens them without making them crazy dark or unnatural. The Ka-Brow has a brush built into the lid that is a really nice shape and size albeit a little bit smaller than the brush I usually use.

There is no spooly in the kit which is a little bit annoying as that is definitely an eyebrow essential for me but there is another brush in the form of the eyebrow setting gel, “Ready, Set, Brow”. It comes in a mascara style tube with a dual sided wand.  I have used the brown Maybelline Brow Drama for a while now and love the way it sets my brows and adds a bit more colour but doesn’t feel sticky. This gel however is sticky from the moment you apply it and goes stiff when it dries. It just feels unnatural but on the plus side it does do what it says and set my brows all day. So if you don’t mind having spiky brows for a day then its worth the use.

The product I was most excited about in this kit was the “High Brow” brow highlighting pencil. I’m not one to put effort into highlight and contour on a daily basis but the inclusion of a brow highlighting pencil has upped the game for the occasions when I do. I have small dark eyes and dark hair so when I go for a bold brow look as well it all just looks a bit too dark and vampy which is not my ideal look. By highlighting above and below my brows it doesn’t just make them appear more bold and shapely, it also helps to define my face shape and enhance my eyes which are my favourite facial feature. This pencil has such a creamy consistency and blends quite easily but be careful not to be too heavy handed as it’s easy to apply to much.

The final products in this kit are the shaping stencils. According to the lovely lady at Dubai’s duty-free brow bar the shape of my eyebrows are already pretty solid so I haven’t actually had a need for the stencils but I do think they are a great idea for those who want to fill in their brows but 1) don’t have a natural shape to them that is easy to follow when filling in or 2) aren’t able pencil them in neatly by freehand. It is essentially 2 pieces of plastic one with arched eyebrow stencils and one with straight eyebrow stencils. You find a shape that suits you and place it in the stencil holder. Holding it against your brow bone, you simply follow the shape of the stencil along with the brow gel creating the base line of your brow. Then fill in the rest and voila easy brow shape without any artistic skill. I think this would also make it so much easier to fill in somebody else’s brows if you are practicing your make-up artistry skills on other clients as that ain’t easy and only practice makes perfect.

Overall I don’t really think this kit was worth me spending the money, purely because I only use two of the items from it. I think for somebody just starting to build a makeup collection and wants to find an easy way to fill in their brows that this is a perfect option and great starting point. The products are all quite good quality which is to be expected from high-end products and like I said before the final look is bold but still very natural looking. If you’re looking for a complete brow kit all wrapped up in a cute little case then this is the brow kit for you.



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