TV Shows:

New Girl

New Girl is one of my favourite ever television series and last month I decided to binge the first 5 seasons from start to finish and rediscover just how much I love it. I couldn’t get over how much I related to the characters now and can appreciate it for so much more than just its excellent comedy and loveable characters.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Season 3

I watched the first 2 seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt early last year and have been eagerly waiting for the third season ever since. It definitely did not disappoint. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a satirical type of comedy that I wouldn’t usually be that interested in because of the “stupid comedy” but this show does it in a way that is genuinely hilarious in its stupidity.


“After Laughter” – Paramore

After the past few months of stress and uncertainty I’ve had I needed an album like this to come along and remind me that everybody has bad days and sometimes it’s ok to just be annoyed about it. Paramore have been one of my favourite bands for so long but this album is my favourite by far. I do love the song “Hard Times” as its refreshing to have a song about the shitty parts of life be so upbeat and seemingly optimistic rather than a miserable ballad. I’m not much of a fan of sad songs as I use music as a way of cheering up and escaping sad thoughts so that’s why I love this album. For the same reason, my favourite song off the album is undoubtedly “Rose-coloured Boy”. If you haven’t listened to this album yet or think that Paramore aren’t really you’re style just give this a listen because it might just change your perspective.


Peppermint Tea with Honey

I will never say no to a nice cup of tea and my flavour of the month has been one of my all-time favourites is peppermint tea. After watching a few Conan Gray videos on youtube (another fave btw) I heard that he puts honey in his peppermint tea. This was honestly never a flavour combination I had considered as I usually take my tea unsweetened but after trying this I am converted. It was particularly a fave later on in the month to sooth my sickly, sore throat.


Butterfly Clips

In an effort to bring some excitement to my long hair that I’m seriously considering chopping short, I threw it right back to the 90’s and bought a pack of butterfly clips. I have just been straightening my hair and then pinning a few twists or braids back with the clips. Not only does it keep the hair out of my face but it looks super cute and has that perfect hint of nostalgia that lets me keep the fashion of my childhood a part of my current style.


In the end of winter sales I scored myself the perfect parka for a fraction of the price. I have wanted a khaki parka for years and have never found one of a good enough quality, for a reasonable enough price that just felt like the right parka, but this is it! The weather in May had continued to be a rollercoaster so this came in handy on those odd windy/rainy days where it was too warm for a coat but too cool for bare arms and the hood has already saved my hair on many occasions. This jacket is definitely my favourite favourite of last month and has actually made me excited for Autumn so that I can wear it more.


Buzzfeed Quizzes

Since moving to Germany I have, without fail, been sick each month. So as I sat sick in bed for the fourth time in 4 months in the last week of May I downloaded the Buzzfeed app and took far too many pointless quizzes. The last time I wasted so much time on online quizzes was in senior year exam period when I was procrastinating from studying by finding out which colour matched my personality. It is a complete waste of time but oh so entertaining.


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