My mother is my confidant, my biggest fan, the one I go to first with anything and, most of all, my best friend. Since this Sunday will mark my first ever mother’s day that I won’t be able to spend with her I thought I would write a little blog post on just 5 of the reasons why my mama is arguably my favourite person in the world.

She always manages to make it work…

When I was little my father worked overseas for weeks at a time which meant my mum was left to take care of us kids. My mum worked her butt off driving my brother and I around to soccer training and musical rehearsals on top of building her own career as well and it wasn’t until years later that I began to realise just how hard she worked to make sure we never went without. When I was in my last year of high school my dad, and our family’s main source of income, lost his job and my mum had to become the family breadwinner to ensure we were able to keep a roof over our heads and dinner on the table each day. As my dad was struggling to find a job my mum worked her full-time job and spent her very little spare time helping him apply for jobs while continuing to run us kids around and keep the household running.

My mama is without a doubt a supermum and I was so fortunate to have never missed out on anything as a child all because she just took whatever situation we were in and made it work.

She always supports me even when she thinks I’m making a mistake…

This time last year I was positive that I was going off to university in 2017. I was apartment hunting, applying for scholarships and already starting to put away bits and pieces to bring with me when I moved out but in October some unexpected events occurred that made me start having doubts and my plans quickly changed. Deciding to put off university for a year abroad was the right thing to do but that didn’t stop me from worrying that I was disappointing my parents in doing so. When I told my mum I was half expecting her to think I was wasting my life and avoiding responsibility by taking extending my gap year however to my surprise my mother almost seemed relieved at this change of heart. As it turns out she was actually hoping all along that I would go abroad as she was worried I wasn’t going to be happy living as a poor student in the city and wanted me to do a bit of soul searching first.

The fact that she let me figure out my own path without intervening despite her own doubts just showed me that no matter what I do in life my mother is going to support me as long as she thinks I’m doing what makes me happy.

She knows me better than anyone else and sometimes better than I know myself…

The reason why my mother is so supportive but also trusts me to make my own decisions is because she always seems to know what I’m thinking before I’ve even really worked it out myself. When I told her I was thinking of moving overseas she wasn’t surprised at all because she had long suspected my desire to travel would win out over going to study. When I have uncertainties or need reassurance over big decisions I’m making, she is the first person I confide in because I know that she knows the workings of my brain well enough to see things from my perspective and help me make the right decision. My mother and I really couldn’t be more different in our personalities. We have had many a disagreement due to these differences but over the years she has worked so hard to try and understand my anxiety so that she can help wherever she can.

Now I can truly say nobody understands me, and the silly way my brain thinks, better than my mama.

We have so many common interests and she is always up for a chat…

Despite our opposing personalities, my mother and I share endless common interests. She is one of my favourite people to go shopping with because we both just love browsing clothing, homeware and furniture stores for hours. There’s no one else I’d rather spend a lazy Sunday morning binging on a new netflix series with because we have the exact same taste in movies and tv shows and we are both quite fond of our pyjama Sundays. When I lived at home last year mum and I spent almost every day together as we worked and lived together yet I never get tired of spending time with her. On our carpools to and from work we would have deep chats about life plans, gossip about office drama and rant about whatever was on our minds that day. I guess I’m one of the lucky kids who finds spending half an hour in a car with my mother to be therapeutic and not therapy inducing.

Now that I live on the other side of the world our car chats have changed to hours long weekly skype calls but due to our friendship it doesn’t feel as though anything has changed.

Even with 15,000km between us it doesn’t feel as though we’re far apart…

My mama is always up for a chat with me and in the 3 months since I hugged her goodbye to go off on my overseas adventure we have spent many hours skyping or face-timing just chatting about our day. Solo travelling is lonely but it’s been incredibly comforting always having my mum just a WhatsApp message away and knowing that she’ll never get sick of hearing all about the new café I went to or the pretty flowers I saw. She always sends me messages telling me how proud she is of me and suggesting things I should pursue or consider for my next adventure. Sometimes I wonder if she’s just vicariously living through my travels but I know that really even from the other side of the world she is just continuing to go above and beyond to ensure I succeed in anything I pursue.

My wonderful mama, baby brother and I – circa 2001

I am so proud of my mother and her strength of character through all of life’s ups and downs and I only hope I have inherited her drive and determination.  Although I can’t spend Sunday with my mum like I would like to I will instead be spending it with my lovely host mother who is yet another wonderful lady that I’m so lucky to have in my life. I hope that all of you have a good relationship with your mother or at least some sort of motherly figure in your life and that you take the time on Sunday to tell them how much you appreciate them. If not I hope you have a relaxing Sunday and bake a scrumptious cake anyway.



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