The months are absolutely flying by and it is already the first of May. How are we already in the fifth month of the year?! April is one of my favourite months of the year and despite the fact that the weather has yet to sort itself out I really enjoyed the month that was. April 2017 consisted of Easter (obvs), my first holiday since moving to Germany, a reunion with my Austrian family, my little brother turning 16 and my international art debut. It was such a jam-packed month that when I look back on it I can’t actually believe that I did all that in just 30 days. Here are some of the things that got me through this very busy month.


Nail Polish –

I am over the miserable weather that we’ve been having in Germany throughout April so in an effort to brighten things up a bit I decide to switch up my go-to nude nails to a bright coral instead. Rimmel London’s Perfect Posy nail polish from the Rita Ora collection is my perfect bright coral-pink colour and it has a gel finish so it lasts a decent amount of time before chipping which is just what I need because I have not had time for painting my nails this month. I also always get compliments whenever I wear this shade of pink but haven’t been that into it for a while so its a good way to incorporate it back into my outfit without too much of a statement.

Moisturiser –

Since I’m hoping the sun will come out soon and I will be able to pack away my tights for a few months and actually expose a bit of my skin to the world once more I thought I should actually start taking better care of it. My skin doesn’t usually dry out too much in winter but I think that this seemingly endless winter has finally cracked it and my legs are not looking summer ready. I picked up this Balea body lotion at the start of the month. It’s just your basic body lotion and has that classic moisturiser scent which I quite like. I have just been putting this on my legs and feet each night before going to bed mainly because its so damn cold that if I do it last before getting into bed then my legs aren’t as cold.

I have also started moisturising my face as part of my daily skin care routine. I bought the Neutrogena Moisturiser for combination skin a while ago when I went on holiday for a week and my skin just freaked out. My usually combination/verging on oily skin just tends to get dry when I travel for some reason and it makes applying makeup difficult.   I love this moisturiser because it sinks in straight away so you’re not left with that horrible moisturiser stickiness or stuck waiting for it to dry before applying your makeup. It also has a pump which just makes application easier because you never take too much or not enough.


Since the temperature hasn’t really risen above 10 degrees too often this month I have resumed wearing 2 layers at all time. I kid you not I have even been wearing 2 layers of tights. I’m from Queensland where the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees so I think this excessive layering is warranted. One of my tights layers consists of these black tights from a brand called Boody. They are made from bamboo fibre and are the comfiest tights I have ever worn. They just fit so well and are the perfect thickness so they could be worn as gym pants without the risk of your underwear flashing but they also work so well for keeping my legs warm over another pair of stockings.

On one of the rare sunny days in April I went for a little walk into town and stumbled upon a flea market raising money for the local animal shelter. I spent a good hour wandering around looking at the little treasures and not finding anything that caught my eye though I did find a very convincing knock-off Burberry trench coat. A week later I went back to town as it had snowed (I wasn’t kidding when I said April weather was crazy) and I wanted to take a few Instagram photos. It started to snow quite heavily and seeking a quick break from the cold I found myself back at this same flea market. I’m not sure if more wares had been added or if I just had my looking eyes on this time but I found possibly the best op shop find of my life, a 100% cashmere jumper, for a mere €6. It’s a lovely duck egg blue knitted jumper and it is the warmest, softest jumper I have ever owned and I could not be happier that a snow storm led me back to that market.


Last month I mentioned that my favourite food of the month was chocolate so sticking with my pre-summer health kick, this months favourite is peanut chips. I’ve only ever seen these in Germany and Austria so I’m not sure if they’re unique to this area but they’re so good!They’re made from corn semolina and ground peanuts so it isn’t the most unhealthy snack in the world but the size of chip packets are no joke here so eating a whole packet to yourself in one sitting isn’t recommended. These chips are just tiny crispy pillows of peanut buttery tasting goodness and they are so addictive.

On a slightly healthier note I have also really been loving a mineral water from Romerquelle which is infused with raspberry & melon juice. Germany is really big on mineral water, to a point where when you ask for a glass of water the immediate assumption is that you mean mineral water and you have to specifically state that you would like still water. During my past trips to Austria and Germany I have despised obsession with sparkling water as I used to hate the taste and still don’t really see the big deal with it all as it’s not as refreshing as one would hope when drinking water. I must say however, that this flavoured mineral water has actually changed my perception on mineral water and I found it incredibly refreshing. Unfortunately for me, it is an Austria brand that I so far haven’t managed to track down in Germany so I might not be able to get my hands on it until I visit Austria again next month.

TV Shows: 

Girl Boss – 

Having never read the book, #Girlboss, I hd no idea what to expect from this show but the trailer intrigued me and I decided to give it a watch. This month I had a little bit of a review on my life so far and where I would like it to go, career-wise, in the near future. I suppose you could say I had a bit of a life crisis – at 18. This second gap-year is going by quite quickly and the fact that I have to start becoming a proper adult and quit mucking around had me stressing so this tv show ended up being just what I needed.

It follows twenty-something Sophia who is just lost in being an adult and having responsibilities and she is sick of just working for the man in a job that she doesn’t have any passion for. So when she stumbles upon an opportunity to turn a hobby into an empire she makes damn sure that she works hard at it and makes it work. I just loved watching a show like Girls that shows the reality of being a millennial navigating early adulthood and the immense difficulties that come with it. Although I still have no idea what my plans for next year, or the rest of my life are, I feel a little bit more relaxed now knowing that most other 18-25 year olds feel the exact same way.

Big Little Lies – 

Once again, this show is based on a book that I haven’t read but I still loved every bit of the first season and unashamedly watched it in a couple of days. It’s your typical murder mystery show but unlike most it actually solves the murder throughout the season without revealing the victim until the last 10 minutes. This show isn’t really easy-watching and delves into some heavy issues like domestic violence and well, murder obviously but it has just the right amount of likeable characters and villains intertwined into the thrilling and suspenseful plot. If you like mystery thrillers or the actresses Reese Witherspoon (who is incredible in this btw), Nicole Kidman or Shailene Woodly then you’ll like this show!


  • All of the Intertwined Album – Dodie Clarke
  • Snakehips, MØ Don’t Leave Cover – BWoodwardMusic
  • Eraser – Ed Sheeran


The Weather App –

This is probably the most boring favourite I’ll ever have but it has honestly been so important throughout April. Hailing from sunny Queensland, where spring is pretty non-existent, I had no idea what to expect from the weather this month. In my optimistic mind I thought April was going to be nothing but sunshine and picnics and then by May we would have lovely summer weather, oh boy I was naive. April was probably 90% rainy and miserable and each morning I checked the weather app to see just how cold and miserable and whether to wear 3 or 4 layers that day. April, as exciting as it was, still consisted of things as menial as checking the weather app each morning. I can only hope that May will be just as exciting.



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