As Miranda Priestly so bluntly put it, “Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.” Despite the fact that florals are such a cliché fashion choice it’s definitely my favourite current trend as I obviously love flowers but I think this floral embellishment trend is a much more subtle way of wearing florals without looking as though you’re wearing your grandma’s couch cushions. Almost every fashion brand right now is selling floral embellished pieces from blouses to loafers and even bralettes. Anything that could be florally embellished probably already has been.

When embroidered blouses are paired with a denim jeans and sneakers it make a really quick casual outfit but the embroidery detailing just makes it a little more special and dressy. Take, for example, this ZARA Shirt with Embroidered Flowers ( €29.95) was the first spring piece I saw this year and I fell in love with it straight away. The smock style and ruffled shoulders makes the plain white top instantly more of a fashion statement. The embroidery detailing just takes this top from a plain shirt to a pretty blouse instantly and to me screams spring style.

If you prefer to keep it plain on top and wear more decorative shoes or pants then don’t dispair because this trend extends to all garments and accessories. For example, these Primark Shorts with Embroidered Flowers (€15) would look really lovely with a plain white or red t-shirt and sandals or sneakers. Again, this trend is just such a great way to make simple style a little more decorative.

Frills were a huge trend during winter but I don’t think they’re going anywhere yet. Just like floral embroidery, frills and smocking just adds an extra element to an otherwise neutral garment. A lot of the garments that seem to have had a frilly update are quite reminiscent of the clothes I wore in the early 2000’s just with a pretty new perspective. I love this style for its playful, girly look but yet still sophisticated enough to wear on grown up occasions.

This ASOS Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit with Frill Detail (€50.67) is a piece I usually wouldn’t be drawn to this colour or style of jumpsuit at all because I would find the simplicity of it unflattering but because of the frills and flares around the chest, arms and legs it just has this little something extra to it. Because of the frill detailing this jumpsuit really wouldn’t need much more styling. It speaks for itself. Instead it could just be paired with sandals or boots and a denim jacket. It’s the perfect piece to wear casually or to a dressy event all thanks to the frill detailing.

This Red Smock Dress with Smocking from H&M (€19.99) is probably the most flattering style of dress I have seen recently. The off-the-shoulder, smocked bodice paired with the flowy skirt lets the dress sit in all the right places regardless of whether your top heavy or bootylicious. The dress I wore to my 18th birthday party was a very similar style to this but mid-length. I have wide hips and a big bum but very little shape from the waist up but I find this style very flattering on my body shape and even makes my chest area look, well existent. Like I said earlier, the simple but beautiful style of this dress makes it very easy to wear for any occasion. To me this style is a really sweet, girl next door style dress but could be worn with heels and a hoop earrings for a dinner date or converse and a denim jacket when going to a festival. The ruffles really make all the difference with this dress and makes it as flattering as it is.

Stripes are not a style I am often drawn to but this spring it seems as though it will be an impossible trend to avoid, but looking at these pieces I am not mad about it. Stripes are something that are so easy to style badly. Horizontal stripes are tricky because depending on the width of the stripes it can change your whole body shape but this season it seems to be all about the vertical stripes. These Hampton-style stripes look effortlessly chic and will make the perfect transitional pieces into summer with their cool, fresh colours and light fabric.

The Y.A.S Kolo Stripe Neck Detail Shirt Co-Ord (€46.67) is such a beautiful, chic take on a girlboss two piece set. The rolled up sleeves, button up front and ruffled, almost paper bag-esque skirt waist all make for a really casual but still incredibly stylish outfit. Very little styling is required for this look. Simply pair with a pair of white heels and a neckerchief and you’ll look ready for your summer vacay on a yacht in the south of France.

If your spring/summer plans consist of sightseeing while wearing an oversized hat, bright lipstick and eating gelato then maybe the ASOS Pinny Jumpsuit in Stripe (€66.67) will be more your style. When I saw this I instantly fell head over heels with the colours and this piece really sold the vertical stripes trend to me. I can just envisage this jumpsuit with a floppy hat and strappy sandals or even converse for a more playful/cool look. Regardless, this piece deserves the accessory of a bright coral or red lip.

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of a different blog post this week. I definitely underestimated just how much work goes into making these fashion lookbooks but I love  how it turned out in the end and I hope you do too!



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