This show has fast become one of my favourites and ever since the first 5 minutes of the first episodes I have been hooked. It’s a murder mystery teen drama which I’m a sucker for because I love the suspense and it’s based on the Archie comics which I remember reading at my grandparent’s house when I was little so it’s sentimental too.

Despite the comic basis, this version of the Archie universe doesn’t actually centre that much around Archi Andrews but instead revolves around the murder of Jason Blossom. The show’s main character then go on to attempt to solve the mystery whilst also having their own issues going on. This show can get a little bit dramatic and unrealistic at times and the dialogue can be a bit flat but after a few lines I actually started to appreciate this  way of story telling. It seems as though they were (hopefully intentionally) trying to mimic the  dialogue, characterisation and progression of a comic book which would be reminiscent of the original comics and in one episode they actually did make a scene where the characters did actually look as though they had come straight from the pages of the comic in an ode to the stories beginning.

The episodes come out weekly so I can’t binge on the entire season in one day but I have actually kind of been enjoying having the suspense  of waiting a week to find out what happens next. I think Riverdale is a very clever adaptation of a classic comic and despite its occasional teeny bopper drama it is a really well written show with a great storyline.


Grace & Frankie:

Grace & Frankie is a Netflix original show about two women in their 70s who despise each other find out that their husbands have fallen in love and plan to get married. After this announcement turns their worlds upside down, they end up turning to each other and so the series follows their life after divorce, accepting their husbands’ news and learning to befriend each other.

I love this show because not only is it hilarious, it is so real too. The characters and story lines seem plausible and occur as they would naturally so even when the show gets dramatic it’s never too soap opera. I love seeing the comedic contrast between Grace and Frankie as their characters are polar opposites. Grace is a business woman, very no-nonsense and proper whereas Frankie is a free spirit and lives in her own world. It is also just really refreshing to see a tv show centred around seniors and the trials and tribulations in their life instead of the all too common focus on teens and young adults in most of the shows available on Netflix. The writers of this show have done an amazing job and I cannot recommend it enough!


13 Reasons Why:

* Please know that the show I’m about to talk about is incredibly confronting. I wouldn’t recommend watching it if you have triggers surrounding suicide, self-harm or depression. It is not worth affecting your mental health just to watch a tv show! *

If you’ve been on social media in the last week then I don’t doubt that you’ve heard about the latest series to be added to Netflix, 13 Reasons Why. The show follows the story of a girl named Hannah Baker who left a series of tapes detailing the 13 reasons why she committed suicide. I personally didn’t love this show, I can handle the confronting scenes and emotion but I did sort of feel a sense of it making the topic of suicide and depression a little bit like they dramatized teen mental illness for the sake of making the show more interesting.

For me the writer’s seemed to take the story and turned it into a whodunnit drama, pitting the blame for Hannah’s suicide on her peers and making the audience choose sides. At times I even found myself angry at Hannah and annoyed at her selfishness which is a huge issue because I’m sure I’m not the only one that was persuaded to feel that way and it’s not how mental illness should be portrayed. I think a show that shines a light on mental illness is desperately needed to educate audiences of what it’s like to live with a constant battle going on in your head but this isn’t it. I can see glimpses of mental health awareness in this show so I think they tried to portray that but fell way too short. For me this show has the potential to do more harm than good for those with mental illness.

It’s definitely not an easy show to watch but if you do decide to watch it, be prepared to binge watch it just to try and get some closure as its full of cliff-hangers and plot twists but also proceed with caution because it’s not a show you should watch for entertainment.

Which other shows have you been watching lately that you would recommend? See you next week!

N. xx


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