I have never been a brand snob and don’t think I ever will be as I love my op shop scores and on sale bargains way too much however over the past few months I have gradually been adding a few more high-end products to my make-up collection. The reason for these splurges was partly feeling as though my makeup collection needed to be grown up a bit as I too mature my style (and what says grown up more than spending way too much money on ridiculous material possessions) but mostly because I was beginning to get fed up with feeling as though I was wasting my money on sub-standard drug store alternatives that just weren’t as great as they could be.


Please don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of incredible cheaper makeup alternatives out there that I would still choose over high-end products any day but just like most other makeup lovers I too became curious about the hype around certain brands and products so I bought a few to test out for myself. Like I said I’m not necessarily someone who believes that a price tag always means a product is “better” than any alternative and since there are already so many cheaper alternatives out there I thought I would give you a bit of a review and let you hear it from an unbiased opinion whether they are actually worth the money.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

This one is by no means a new product on the market. In fact I’m sure any one who is interested in the world of makeup probably already owns this palette. The Chocolate Bar palette is probably the first product most people think of when they see the brand Too Faced yet despite the fact that a lot of makeup lovers say they swear by this palette or gush over its delicious chocolatey smell, when I was weighing up whether to buy it and searching for reviews I really struggled to find any that gave honest feedback on anything more than the packaging and scent.


What first drew me to this palette wasn’t the packaging or the name but shockingly the actual eyeshadows themselves! Inside it’s somewhat tacky/somewhat kitsch chocolate bar packaging it includes 16 eyeshadow shades, 6 mattes and 10 shimmers. The four colours in the lower left corner particularly intrigued me and have been my go to colours whenever I use this palette. To be honest I would recommend buying this palette just for those 4 colours alone as they truly are beautiful on my dark brown eyes but I’m sure they would look just as gorgeous on all other eye colours too. I’ve heard it said before that the shimmery shades in this palette aren’t the most pigmented and I can attest to that. There is a lovely olive green shimmer in the upper left corner called “Gilded Ganache” that I was really excited to test out in a few different looks. When applied, however, it just ends up looking like a murky brown with gold shimmer and nowhere near as bright as it looks in the pan. The same goes for the purple shade “Candied Violet”, the pigment is severely lacking here too which was a bit disappointing as I was looking forward to straying away from my standard nude, pink and bronze looks. When I try to blend the shimmers I find they are reduced to a bit of glitter and barely any pigment so I find you have to use more eyeshadow to build it up enough. That being said the formula of these eyeshadows is super creamy and the mattes, particularly “Salted Caramel”, are very pigmented that a little goes a long way. I wouldn’t say that these are necessarily super easy to blend but with a little bit of patience and a light hand they are workable.

I like this palette overall and I love the 4 colours in the lower left corner but that really isn’t enough for me to recommend you fork out the $70 AUD for it. I like the direction they were going in with the chocolate theme and it is quite something to use an eyeshadow that smells like delicious chocolate but overall I think this product was a little overhyped. Nevertheless, it is still a lovely palette that I have got a lot of use out of already and will continue to experiment with some of the other colours but unless you have money to spare or really want to buy into the hype then I would say there are other palettes out there that would make a better first high-end palette.

Soap & Glory “Clean On Me” Shower Gel

I purchased this item purely to score myself free shipping on the Chocolate Bar Palette but I had wanted to test out Soap & Glory products for years. For $11 this isn’t the most expensive product Mecca Maxima has in stock but considering that it’s an $11 shower gel  I would say it is definitely still high end. So is it worth the splurge?


In terms of shower gel ability, “Clean On Me” isn’t too different in formula than a regular, reasonably priced drugstore shower gel. It cleans your skin and moisturises a little bit too. What is different about this shower gel is the scent. It is supposedly “natural mandarin peel extract” but let me tell you, I am not a fan of citrus scents at all and I still love this! I honestly can not describe this scent any other way than to say, it smells like the scent a woman who has her sh*t together would wear as a perfume. When I smell it I envisage myself as a successful girl boss with perfect, frizz-free hair living in New York. But since that doesn’t really describe the scent all that much I could also compare the scent to that of the Christian Dior “Miss Dior” perfume. So when you think of it, a shower gel that can make you smell like a fancy perfume for a mere $11 is worth the money in my opinion. I should also mention that it is quite a generous sized bottle with a pump which is always a plus so I would actually recommend this product! Definitely worth the money a great little product to treat yourself with, without breaking the bank.

I hope this little review has been worthwhile for you and has answered a few of your questions about certain products therefore saving you a bit of the worry of buying an expensive product without knowing whether the hype is warranted or not. Thanks for dropping by!

N. xx


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