March was a month of homesickness, and actual sickness but also the beginning of spring and longer, sunnier days which I hope to make good use of. Here is a little compilation of all the things that got me through March and made it a month of changes for the better!


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

IMG_7097When I arrived at my gate in Dubai International airport with 4 hours to spare (thanks plane delays!) I knew that it was the perfect amount of time to do a spot of duty free shopping. Although Dubai was still full of sunny skies and warmth I knew I only had 12 hours left to prepare for the sub-zero German winter so I went into duty-free and bought myself 2 tubes of my trusted Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. When I last visited Germany in December 2010 with my family my mum purchased this exact same product and it was honestly our holy grail product for the month we were in the snow and months after we got home too. This is honestly the lip balm to end all lip balms but can also be used on wind burn and that horrible rash you get on the sides of your nose after weeks of being sick with the flu. So with having gone through a month of winter so far and 2 bouts of the flu I can definitely say that my Elizabeth Arden cream has been put to great use. In addition to all this the smell of it is also incredibly nostalgic for me and reminds me of that wonderful family holiday so I kind of bought it for that too. 

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo 


Despite March bringing the start of Spring the weather during the month was less than exemplary for the first 2 weeks. Therefore I had to continue wearing my trustee Jay Jays checkered scarf which I like to think of as my Burberry scarf and Cotton-on woolly beanie but alas, despite how cosy I was this accessories often lead to hat hair. That’s where my trusty Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo powder came in handy with combatting my oily winter beanie hair. This dry shampoo is my favourite due to the fact that it is powder form rather than an aerosol can and is easier to work into the air thoroughly, leaving no white spots. It also smells deliciously of grapefruit and citrusy scents which is always a lovely scent for the cold, dark, very non-tropical winter weather here.

No Kink Hair Ties


I definitely had my doubts when I first saw these a couple of years ago due to having thick, slightly curly (note: unruly) hair. I am sorry to think I waited so long to give them a go because they are honestly so good! If you too have thick hair you will know that it is almost impossible to achieve a loose, messy bun without it falling out or drooping almost instantly but these hair ties make it so much easier and seem to grip the hair to keep it all in place. Don’t think however that this grip is at all painful because these are the most comfortable hair ties ever and I actually forget that they are even in my hair when I’m wearing them.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer


I first heard about this foundation in a Tanya Burr youtube tutorial and decided that it looked like the perfect replacement for my beloved Loreal Eau De Magique which was unfortunately discontinued a while back. As soon as I could I got myself to a Clinique counter to test out whether this $50 foundation was worth the money and more importantly, if they actually made a shade light enough for me?! Thankfully, they did (I did have to get it in the lightest shade mind you) and ever since I have been using this as my daily makeup base. It gives me my ideal coverage, enough to cover the odd spot and blemish and colour correct but still allow a few freckles to poke through making it look incredibly natural and light. I cannot rave about this foundation enough and I hope to have an everyday makeup routine coming up in April that showcases this beautiful product in all its glory.

Movie/Television Show: 

La La Land 

I know that I am INCREDIBLY late to the party with this one but oh my goodness I couldn’t not mention it here! I went and saw La La Land in the cinemas in early March but of course the cinemas in Germany play films that have been dubbed over in German. Because of this, my first impression was mostly based on the incredible soundtrack and cinematography rather than the script which I was struggling to understand. I have since watched it again in English which only solidified my appreciation for it. As a musical lover, a film such as this is all I could have asked for and more. It’s visually appealing, the soundtrack is beautiful and the story line, although not flawless, is pretty freaking great! I’m not sure if it will go down in history and become a classic film but it definitely is a film I will watch again and again!


Riverdale seems as though it’s been popular from the day it came out so I don’t doubt you may have already heard about it or watch it yourself. If you’re not familiar with it, Riverdale is a tv series based on the Archie comics that centres around the murder of a local teen and basically follows along each characters lives to find the killer. I love mysteries/ soft-core thrillers and the whole who-dunnit vibe makes me sit on the edge of my seat and speculate my own theories while waiting for the episodes which are released on Netflix in weekly instalments. If you’re also an avid Riverdale fan let me know in the comments who you think the killer is and we can speculate together.


Ed Sheeran – Divide

I have no words to explain how wonderful this album is! Ed Sheeran is probably the only artist whose music I never tire of. Every song he has ever written has become an absolute favourite of mine at one point or another despite the fact that there are a couple of songs I can’t listen to sometime because they give me too many feels (I’m looking at you Afire Love & Supermarket Flowers). If I had to pick a favourite from Divide I would have to say it’s definitely a 3-way tie between Dive, New Man and Galway Girl although each time I listen to the album I add another to the list. Ed I could have (and have had) your voice playing on repeat for a week!

La La Land Soundtrack 

I won’t keep banging on about my appreciation of this film but even if musicals aren’t your thing just give the soundtrack a little listen. There is such a diverse range of songs on this soundtrack that I’m sure there will be at least on that gets stuck in your head. Again I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite and since each song conveys such different emotions I have days where a certain song makes me feel more than the others. I do have a really deep appreciation for ‘Fools Who Dream’ however because I don’t think I have ever heard a song that so accurately conveys what it means to be a creative mind seeking a dream that non-creatives find foolish.


Milka Whole Hazelnut Chocolate 

If you come to Germany/Austria/Switzerland and don’t try the chocolate then you have truly missed out on the best chocolate in the world! I’m not kidding, any chocolate here makes all others taste like advent calendar chocolate. I must admit however, that I didn’t actually eat any Milka chocolate throughout the month of March due to giving up chocolate for Lent (and for the sake of my skin) but I ate enough throughout February and continue to crave it daily that I think it counts as my food favourite of the month. I also love anything choc-hazelnut flavoured which no one seems to appreciate with me in Australia but here pretty much anything chocolate can and is paired with hazelnut and I have really been enjoying that, a little too much so.


My final favourite for this month is not really a specific app but a range of photo editing & photography apps. Due to the huge amount of travelling and exploring I have done in the last 2 months I have also taken a whole lotta photos. I have rekindled my love of Instagram after being absent for quite some time and I have actually made a hobby of photo editing. It may seem silly but for a few years my version of photo editing was picking a filter on Instagram seconds before uploading it but I’m glad to say things have changed. By far my go to photo editing app is VSCO. It is a really great app for creating Instagram themes and even if you’re a bit of a lazy editor like me you can easily just copy and paste edits to different photos so most of the work is already done. I have also been experimenting a little bit with an app called A Beautiful Mess which you’ll see in the feature picture of this post with the little sketches and things. I have just been having fun messing around with it all and encourage you to test out your creativity with some photo editing too!

N. xx


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