Despite the influx in hay fever, spring is probably my favourite season. In Australia the start of spring means that it isn’t long until my birthday in October but I’m currently in Germany so spring begins in March. In spring in Germany, flower blossom everywhere, animals begin emerging from their winter slumber and people follow suit by setting up their garden furniture and soaking up every ounce of sunshine available. I only experienced one month of German winter recently but even that was enough for me to feel miserable from the grim weather and being stuck inside so I can definitely understand why spring is such an exciting time here.

I thought I would start a little series on this blog where at the start of each new season I will create a bucket list of activities I would like to do during the next couple of months then as I do them I can write a blog post about them or document it over on Instagram. I really like making lists and setting goals for myself as I find it very motivational and I am in dire need of some motivation right now so this has given me a little something to look forward to in the coming months. I recommend you make a little bucket list at the start of each new season or month as well. Without further ado, here’s my spring 2017 bucket list:

Go on a nature walk:

With the increase in temperature and the arrival of longer days (thanks daylight savings) spring is the perfect time to get back to nature and go for a walk. It should come as no surprise but I love flowers, particularly wildflowers, and the gardens in Germany during March are full of them. Since the sun has finally decided to show its glorious face for longer than an afternoon I would really love to take advantage of it and go for a walk in a field or park at least once a week. Beside the fresh air and sense of tranquility that comes from a walk through the park, my pale skin could really do with a bit of exposure to the sun. Once a week I aim to go on a little walk in nature picking flowers and taking photos of the blossoming trees.

Spend an afternoon cycling:

Something that I don’t think will ever cease to amaze me about Germany, or even Europe for that matter, is just how close-by everything is. I come from rural Australia where the next town can easily be over an hour’s drive away so the fact that I could walk or cycle to another town in  an afternoon excites me. One spring afternoon I hope to hop on my bike and take a little cycle to the next town, eat some delicious ice cream and cycle home again, because why not?

Visit a garden centre:

Fun Fact #630 about me is that I am actually a grandma in the body of an 18 year old. Therefore, long before spring neared, I had plans in place for a trip to a garden centre and planting myself a little garden. At the risk of sounding like my grandma (who is a wonderful lady who I would love to be compared to) something that I am really looking forward to when the sun stays around and the garden is ready is putting some plants out on my windowsill and planting a little vegetable garden. I am currently working as an au pair so a perfect afternoon activity for myself and the two little girls I look after is to plant a vegetable garden in the back yard and get to see for ourselves the process involved with growing our own food. To do this I first have to buy some seeds which is a perfect excuse to spend a couple of hours roaming around a garden centre. I would love to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning scoping out lovely houseplants, drinking tea and admiring the bunnies at a garden centre so I have added this to my spring to-do list. See told you I’m a grandma!

Visit a petting zoo/wildlife park:

Spring is the season of new beginnings, including the new beginning of life. Little baby animal lives that is. Although I have already seen baby birds and squirrels around parks and on my walks I would love to spend a couple of hours exploring around a wildlife park or local farm seeing the baby sheep, goats and cows in their natural habitats. There are so many lovely places like this to visit in Germany where the animals have space to roam and are cared for. If you are ever in Bavaria I could not recommend Bad Mergenteim Wildpark enough, it is a great day out and I will definitely be going again this spring! Spending time visiting a farm or animal park is another great activity for me to spend the afternoon doing with the girls I look after and another great way to get back to nature and out in the sun.

Buy some spring/summer pieces to update my wardrobe:

Speaking of new beginnings, my wardrobe definitely needs a spruce up this spring. When I packed to move overseas I had no choice but to pack light (thanks luggage restrictions) so despite a few pairs of jeans, some dresses and sweaters and a t-shirt or two, I have been finding it difficult to coordinate outfits for this transitional weather. I have spent the last 4 years watching endless Primark hauls and wishing for the day I could experience a Primark shopping spree for myself so I will definitely be using my “need” for some spring clothing as an excuse to make a trip there as soon as possible.

Let me know what is on your spring bucket list and if you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram @wistful_wildflower to see when I fulfil these bucket list goals!


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