BYS cosmetics is a brand that I have often seen at Kmart but always thought it was nothing more than cheap quality makeup and a waste of money. Buuuuttt after seeing a girl on Facebook wearing the BYS Highlighter that was so radiant and glowy, I knew I had to try it out for myself. I took a little trip to Kmart, my second home, and left with several products from BYS. In my BYS Cosmetics collection right now I have two highlighter palettes and three of their liquid matte lipsticks.

img_3988The Highlighters…

I have been looking for a powder highlighter for months after being rather disappointed by my cream highlighters but I didn’t want to spend excessive amounts on a high-end highlighting powder like Jeffree Star’s, no matter how shimmery they are, because I didn’t know whether I would actually like wearing it yet. The two palettes are different sizes. The first is a trio with a less shimmery shade that is great for highlighting the tip of you nose or under the brow bone as it is a lot more subtle but stills adds a little shine. The middle shade is a more gold/yellow toned highlighter that I think will look great with tanned skin (unlike my currently pasty skin still as pale as it was in Winter) due to the warm undertones. The third shade is my favourite and in my opinion solely makes the palette worth the buy. It’s a pink toned highlighter with copper shimmer and looks
amazing whether I’m pale or tan and I think it would suit any skin tone. If you don’t like really bright highlight then don’t be too heavy-handed with it as it can be intense. The second palette has four shades which are all creamy highlighters img_3985but not in the typical cream highlighter kind of way as they are smooth and easy to apply with your fingers or a brush/sponge. The first is a bright white cream highlighter that is so buttery and soft to apply and doesn’t cake or rub off my foundation. It is such a vibrant shade of white that reminds me of snowflakes and Christmas and would add something special to a formal look. I have also used it underneath another highlighter to make it even more vibrant and, oh my gosh, my face was GLOWING!!! The next two colours are both pretty similar and have more of a gold tone to them. The difference between them is that one is warm toned and the other cool toned with a slightly silvery tinge to it. The last colour is super bronze and probably a bit too dark for me to use as a highlighter but I will probably use it as a cream eyeshadow though I’m not sure how it would last. I’ll let you know once I’ve tested it out a little more.

The Matte Liquid Lipsticks…

On to the products I am most excited about! I really did not know what to expect from these lipsticks but I have been looking for a good matte liquid lipstick for a while so I thought it couldn’t hurt to test one out for $7. Since other brands that produce matte liquid lipsticks are all expensive I thought that the price of these img_3989alone indicated that they really wouldn’t live up to the hype but after trying one I quickly went back and purchased two more and already plan on going back to complete my collection. The first lipstick I purchased was in the shade Crème Brulèe and it is a orange/pink/brown colour. I love this colour! I think it really suits my skin tone but would probably suit any hair tone as well as compliment any hair colour
or eye colour. As for the formula, it applies really evenly and only needs one coat so it’s really quick too. It dries within a minute and doesn’t crack at all. The lipstick last all day even on me who has a bad habit of biting my lips all the time and the colour is so vibrant and true to how it looks in the tube. I cannot recommend this lipstick enough. After the immense success of this first shade I was intrigued by the other colours too and wanted to see for myself if they lived up to Crème Brulèe’s standard. The next shade I bought is called Prima Peonies. I have a general rule when it comes to lip products that I don’t wear anything that is lighter than my lip colour in an effort to avoid lips that blend in with my skin tone or “foundation lips”. When I saw this colour, however, I convinced myself that it had just enough pink in it to look decent on my lips and actually show up. I still haven’t completely decided whether or not I like timg_3991his colour on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love this colour in the tube and swatched on my hand but I’m not completely sold on how it looks on my face. The only negative I could say about this one is that because it is a lighter colour it takes more product to get an even layer and not make a streaky mess on your face. The final lipstick and product from BYS Cosmetics that I bought is another lipstick in the shade Bare Beauty. This colour is quite a vibrant pink and a lot brighter than my typical lip colours but I thought I would branch out this summer and wear something other than pink-brown nudes for once. I think this colour is supposed to be a “my lips but better” shade but it does apply heavily and is bright with only one layer. I do like this shade on me though and again, I think it would suit anyone. It’s a great shade for when you want to wear a bold, bright pink lip without crossing into hot pink territory.

Overall, I am very impressed with BYS Cosmetics. I would definitely recommend that if you want some decent makeup at a low price then go and grab yourself a couple of these products. As far as I see it is that at these prices it doesn’t really matter if you don’t get everyday wear out of them because they really don’t break the bank and therefore they make great products to play around with and try new looks that you aren’t sure about.

-N. xx


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