Winter really takes a toll on my hair. The lack of humidity really drys my hair out and since I’m trying to grow my hair to as long as I can I definitely need to keep on top of my Haircare to keep the ends of it from drying out too much and splitting.
For this blog post, I’ve split my hair care into 4 sections: Washing, Styling & Treatment, Pamper Products and Daily Care.


I wash my hair every second day in summer because it often gets oily and extra damaged by swimming in the ocean and pools but in the colder seasons I only need to wash my hair every 3 days. An issue I have with my hair in winter is slight dandruff. When my hair gets dry dandruff can be a little bit of an issue so I often use the Clear – Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It smells really good and works immediately so I would definitely recommend it if you also suffer from mild dandruff from time to time. If dandruff isn’t an issue I use the Pantene – Nature Fusion Shampoo. This also smells amazing and the inclusion of Avocado Oil means it leaves my hair so incredibly soft and shiny.
For conditioner my all time favourite is Garnier Fructis – NutriRepair 3. It also has avocado oil in it as well as olive and shea oil which means it’s so nourishing and hydrating. I use a generous amount on the the bottom half of my hair so that it leaves the ends of my hair moisturised but keeps my roots from getting too oily. Also I know I said it for the last two but this one smells so good and it’s the kind of scent that lingers leaving your hair smelling amazing for days after washing it.


I don’t style my hair very often but when I do curl it I use the John Frieda ~ Frizz-Ease styling gel. I’m really not a fan of hair spray most of the time I find it doesn’t hold in my thick hair and leaves it crunchy and uncomfortable but this gel sprays finely and holds firmly yet is quite easy to brush out compared to sticky hairspray. If I do use hairspray however I actually don’t mind the Not your Mother’s ~ Volumizing Hairspray because it holds relatively well and is very Volumizing.

Treatment wise I heavily rely on oils. My all time favourite hair oil is the Organix ~ Hydrating Macadamia Oil. I discovered this a few years ago and was amazed by how hydrating it was. Whenever my hair is feeling dry and damaged I put this through the ends and it completely moisturises it again. Another moisturising product I swear by is the Stefan’s ~ Detangle Leave-In Crème. I have used this since primary school when it was still called Happy Endings Crème and it is a non-oily formula of a hair moisturiser and leaves my hair so soft and silky whenever I use it on my ends. I apply this straight after washing then brushing my hair before it dries.
A major issue I have with my hair is frizz. If I leave my hair completely natural then it goes terribly frizzy and the only way I can combat it is by using some sort of oil. My favourite is the Garnier Fructis ~ Anti-Frizz Serum. This one contains Apricot extract so it smells lovely and has the right level of oiliness to combat frizz but not leave my hair too oily. I apply oil to my hair after washing just before it completely dries and then reapply every night before braiding it and going to bed.


These products are things I use sparingly as they are either a little bit pricier or more intense and not necessary for daily use. The first of which being the Pantene ~ Intensive Hair Masque. This one definitely doesn’t need to be used daily as it’s very hydrating but using it every few weeks or so keeps my hair feeling healthy and strong.
A more luxury shampoo and conditioner that I only use occasionally is the brand Ogx. The ones I currently use are the tsubaki blossom scented ones. These smell so beautiful, like fresh flowers and the packaging is really pretty too. These are double the price of most shampoos so I don’t often buy them but they are really lovely to use every now and again as a special pampering treat.


As for daily care, I use a tangle teaser for brushing as I find it the easiest and most pain-free way to brush my thick, curly mop of hair. It’s also a lot better for protecting hair from splitting as easily when brushing wet hair.
Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for me. For some reason sometimes the roots of my hair tends to get greasy a day after washing it so dry shampoo is a necessity for me. I have two different kinds of dry shampoo one is an spray can liquid shampoo and the other is a powder. The spray is Batiste ~ Tropical Scent Dry Shampoo and I really liked the scent of this particular one and the larger size can lasts for a decent amount of time despite being on the pricier size (approx. $15) but still does leave the dreaded white marks on my brown hair. I realise that Batiste makes a particular dry shampoo for brunettes but I prefer this scent so I’ve learnt to just make to and blend it in better. Another think I will say is that this dry shampoo does make your hair feel dirty after using it so I only use it as a last resort when I know I need to wash my hair that day but I don’t have time in the morning.

A dry shampoo I can’t fault, however, is Lush ~ No Drought. I used this one at my friends house when I’d forgotten to pack my own and was immediately impressed so I went out and bought my own the next day. First of all the deliciously fresh grapefruit scent is so nice and then I was impressed by how well this powder seems to soak up the grease and instantly add volume to my hair. I bought the larger bottle which is around $13 for 115g but I’ve had this bottle for almost 6 months and have barely used a quarter of the bottle despite using it weekly. I love this dry shampoo!
I hope you enjoyed learning about my Haircare routine and hopefully my reviews were helpful if you are looking for new hair care products. See you next Thursday lovelies!

– N xx


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