After Thursday’s Homeware Haul post I thought I might carry on the home decorating theme with a DIY home decor post tonight.
I’m a huge fan of DIY and have always loved making bits and bobs for around my room to add a personal touch to the space. This weekend I decided to not only make a new flower and succulent terrarium for my room but also revamp an old cork board of mine to give it a fresh look.

Flower & Succulent Terrarium

What you’ll need:

  • Terrarium Pot – mine was from Big W ($8) but you can use an old fish tank or whatever pot you can find
  • Florist’s Foam – this can be found at most craft stores
  • Fake succulents & Flowers
  • Scissors/Pliers

Start off by carefully cutting your florists foam to size, using a butter knife or the blade of your scissors, to fit your pot. This can get a little messy as the foam will crumble a little as you cut it so make sure you’re in an area that’s easy to clean.

Next cut the stems of the fake plants so that they are long enough to poke right down in the planter but not too long that they stick too far out of it (mine were around 5cm long).

The process of putting the succulents and flowers in is completely up to you and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. I would suggest though that it looks better when little, or no, foam is showing through the plants. So try and position the plants to entirely cover the piece of foam.

If you are using a see through pot such as a fish bowl or glass vase then placing something like pebbles or fake moss around the edges of the bowl will help conceal the foam.

Revamped Cork Board 

What you’ll need:

  • Cork Board – old or new
  • Small string of LED Fairy Lights
  • Thumb Tacks
  • Assortment of Photos, and other trinkets

I had this cork board hanging in my room for months after using it for a previous DIY where I had covered it in fabric. After a while my style changed and it no longer suited my room decor so I decided to change it up. Because the board had been covered in fabric it was still in perfect condition underneath and I loved the way the wood looked so there was no need to paint the frame but you can do this if you wish.

Lay the fairy lights around the edge of the board and use thumb tacks to hold the cord down (don’t put the thumb tacks through the wire just press or hammer the tacks down as far as to can and loop the wire around it.

Next lay out the photos and other pieces out on the board in a way that you like and once you’re happy with how it looms tack it on. I placed a mixture of photos, quotes, flower stickers and magazine cutouts to create a board full of things that I liked the look of or that held special meanings.

I hope you get inspiration for some DIYs of your own from this and I’ll be back with another post on Thursday!

– N xx


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