I had a day off from work today and instead of lazing around wasting the day I decided to finally get around to cleaning my room. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I vacuumed the entirety of my floor and since I suffer from hay fever it was a chore I was dreading but I tackled it today and decided to reward myself by buying a few little Homeware bits to add to my room.
As for my style, I recently decided that my room needed a colour scheme to make it all look more put together and tidy. I have a dark blue feature wall painted in my room so the colours I chose for the colour scheme are grey, pale pink and white with pops of copper and I was so happy with the wares I found today and how well they suit this scheme.
Firstly I went to pillow talk which is a store that specialises in home decor so I knew I’d find some lovely things in there. It did not disappoint because there were so many bits and bobs that would have looked amazing in my room but I restrained myself and only bought two goodies. The first was a white and copper, geometric patterned jar that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time but told myself I should wait until it was marked down and it must have been my lucky day because low and behold it was marked down by more than 50% from $25 to $9. The second was an impulse buy because it was so cheap. It’s a little grey and white teal light holder that is just so cute I couldn’t resist for just $3.
Next I went over to Kmart because their Homeware never disappoints and it definitely didn’t today either. I mainly went there to pick up some of Kmart’s wooden placemats to put down on top of my bedside table and dresser as they often get scuffed and are really hard to clean so I thought placemats might prevent this and also look really cute. Next I picked up a 2 pack of these black and white baskets. They are two different sizes and I plan to put them on the shelves of my bedside table to clean away clutter in and keep it tidy. The last homey bit I bought from Kmart was a print. I’ve been halfway through creating a gallery wall in my room for months but I was yet to find any nice prints to add to it. I couldn’t see any prints I liked in the typical Homeware section of Kmart but when I went and had a quick look at the kids decor for fairy lights I stumbled upon this “shine on” print in a wooden frame and just had to get it. Not only is it a positive little mantra, it’s also really pretty and includes the colours I love so how could I resist.
Before heading home I popped into the reject shop to pick up some fairy lights since Kmart’s light selection left a little to be desired. The lights I picked up are LED, geometric shapes in a coppery colour and I’m so happy with how the look on my bed’s headboard. They’re battery operated which means that they are super easy to put up wherever and the lights are warm toned which I find much softer and cosier than bright white lights.
I hope you enjoyed this little haul and I apologise for the lack of posts last week. I was away for a family reunion and unexpectedly out of Internet or decent mobile range so uploading was near impossible to achieve. I also hope to upload a diy room decor post sometime next week so stay tuned.

                                                                – N xx


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