So there’s a new little series that I though I might start on this blog which I will do every now and again throughout the year, and that’s a gift guide! I know these are quite popular around Christmas but I’m that kind of person who loves to go all out for birthdays or any other Occassion that calls for a present and put a lot of effort into presents and in particular wrapping the presents. I also used to work in a gift shop so I have such a passion for wrapping and decorating gifts and I am known within my circle of friends for always going above and beyond with making presents look proffesionally wrapped but don’t worry I always keep the gifts within a reasonable budget of about $20-$30. So throughout the year whenever I have an occassion where I’m gifting someone a present I will make a little blog post about what I’ve got and how I’ve wrapped it to hopefully give you ideas and inspiration. I’ll also try and vary the types of presents I show and demonstrate different gift wrapping ideas to give you inspiration for any occasion.
Today’s gift guide features a present I’ve bought for a friend of mine who’s turning 18 next week. I’m a big fan of tailoring gifts to the person right down to the colours I use in the ribbons because I feel the way to make a gift personal is in the details. The girl I’m giving this gift to us into “girly” things like makeup and fashion but in my opinion her style is quite kitschy and edgy as well so I decided to take that route and create a bit of a pamper day pack that was full of practical yet fun things.

First of all I needed to choose a case to put all the bits and bobs in. In the past I have used cute baskets as the base which are still practical because they can then be used as storage by the persons I give it to but this time I decided to use a cosmetics bag/clutch because I found this one and thought it was really pretty and reminded me of the person who I am giving it to. I did however make a little alteration to the key chain on the zipper because it looked tacky and cheap before because of the scraggly twine it used. I changed it over to a plain orange string and I think it looked a lot nicer.

Next I hunted around for things to fill it with. She recently cut her hair quite short so I knew that hair accessories probably weren’t the best idea but I saw this bow which also reminded me of her style and so I couldn’t resist adding it. I mostly decided to stick to a body product theme and found this gorgeous range at Kmart of body lotion and scrubs that smell incredible and the packaging is so pretty I just couldn’t leave them behind. I also grabbed a bath bomb in the scent cherry blossom which smells so lovely and a packet of these delicious smelling makeup wipes that are coconut and vanilla scented.

As for the wrapping, after I unsuccessfully searched for wrapping paper that I liked for what I had in mind I decided that I actually liked the colours in the bag itself so much that rather than covering it up by wrapping it in colourful wrapping paper I could wrap it in clear cellophane and let the colours of the bag shine through. Because there isn’t any colour in the wrapping paper to make the present look interesting it was really up to the ribbon to be the hero of the decoration. I chose these three ribbons all in striped patterns. The largest is a navy blue, orange and cream cloth ribbon. The second is slightly smaller and orange and the third is even thinner again and blue and white. By using three ribbons in different pattern striped patterns all incorporating the colours that are in the cosmetics bag the colours in the ribbon actually emphasise the colours in the bag.

To create the bow I did you’ll need three bows, two of which can be the same or similar sizes and the third should be slightly smaller. Starting with the largest ribbon, tie it in a basic bow around the width of the wrapped present and position the loose ends of the bow so that the four points of the bow create a “+” shape. Repeat this same process around the length of the gift with the second largest ribbon. For the final ribbon rather than wrapping it around the entire gift just slip it on an angle underneath the two bows already on the present and tie it into a bow just like the others. I hope I explained that well enough if not take a look at the picture of the finished product and hopefully that will help.

I really like how this gift turned out and I can’t wait to gift it this weekend. I’ve never tried wrapping the gift in clear cellophane but I love pushing the boundaries when it comes to creativity and even though it’s unconventional I think it looks great!

– N xx


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