Up until recently I have thought of Natio as the brand of skin products my grandma always loves when we gift them to her at Christmas but I have noticed that over the last couple of months Natio has made strides to expand their brand from a simple skin care brand to a fully-fledged make-up brand and I have to admit I think I might be becoming a big fan.

I spotted the Natio Bloom Palette in Priceline for $19.99 last week after I had gone to repurchase my conditioner and I couldn’t resist buying it. It initially caught my eye because of how sleek and simplistic the packaging is. Compared to a lot of other palettes I own that are packaged in plain black packaging, I think the clear casing allows the shadows themselves to be visible even when the case is shut and the silver backing really brings out the shimmers in some of the shades too.

The shades themselves are the most beautiful nude & pink shades that I absolutely love because I think they suit my fair skin tone and dark brown eyes quite well. There are 12 shades in total, 8 of which have a beautiful but not to overpowering shimmer to them. It also has enough variation of shades to make an array of different looks ranging from a light matte nude to a burgundy red/brown.  My personal favourites are number 2, 5 and 7 because they are all so shimmery and gorgeous and I think they really make dark brown eyes pop.

In terms of quality these definitely aren’t the most pigmented eye shadows ever but considering the price point you really can’t expect them to be. With an eye shadow primer the colours are bright and beautiful and blend really well. The palette also came with a dual-ended eye shadow brush with an average eye shadow sponge on one end and a tiny flat eye shadow brush on the other. I’m not actually that impressed with the brush as I think it is quite basic and would prefer to use one of my others but it isn’t terrible and would be fine if you were buying this as your first palette.

Overall, I quite like this palette. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing as it lacks a little to be desired in terms of pigment and can sometimes wear off too easily during the day but I love the colours and packaging so much that I will keep trying new ways to incorporate it into my makeup routine daily. I’ll let you know how I go!

                                                                        – N. xx

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and this product was purchased with my own money.


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