I LOVE shopping!! I also have no trouble finding things to spend all of my money on when I go shopping and this trip was no exception. 

I have been way too obsessed with shopping at Priceline lately and once again they did not disappoint. I was intriguiged by the look of a Formula 10.0.6 ~ peel off face mask and I may or may not have already tested it and let me tell you, it works wonders! Not only does it have a delicious papaya & citrus scent but is also quite satisfying to peel off. 

I almost managed to leave Priceline with just a $8 face mask feeling quite proud of my restraint when a Revlon stand caught my eye and my $8 purchase turned into a $38 purchase. It was completely worth it though because I picked myself up two gorgeous Revlon ~ Ultra HD Matte Lipglosses. One in my favourite nude pink shade called Seduction and another in a bright corally pink shade called Flirtation

Next up was Kmart and this is where I really did some damage. First of all I went straight to the cosmetics section because Kmart sell ELF products and ELF do really great brush cleaning products for a cheap price. So I picked myself up a brush spray which is perfect for me or anyone else who is a little bit slack with cleaning their makeup brushes because it keeps them fresher and more sanitary for longer between cleans. 

I also found myself a new waterbottle equipped with both a straw and ice pack to keep my water chilled. I also bought some lovely copper coloured measuring spoons for $2 that excited me a little more than they should have. 

I couldn’t help myself and also picked up a food diary that will hopefully inspire me to record what I eat and eat a little bit healthier and a kitchen sticker book for organising the pantry. Truthfully, the reason why I felt the need to buy them was because they were so pretty and looked a lot like they belonged in Kikki K which for less than $5 is reason enough for me. 

From the reject shop I bought two little heart bowls which I’m going to use for my baking blog posts because they’re are just so cute!! 

I went into Chemist Warehouse for the first time in a long while and I was so impressed by the prices! If you didn’t know Chemist Warehouse is an Australian chemist chain and sells cosmetics and other chemist wares for really reasonable warehouse prices. So because of that I decided to purchase a Dr. Lewinns ~ foaming, balancing cleanser which are normally $30 (which in my opinion is a bit steep for a cleanser) but was reduced to $25 which isn’t that much of a difference but enough for me to buy it. I figured at the very least if I didnt end up liking it I would end up saving myself another $25 in the future by not repurchasing it, unfortunately for my wallet I love it and will definitely be buying it again. 

I also bought myself a Pantene ~ conditioning treatment for my hair that would hopefully add moisture to my hair as it has been ridiculously dry lately. Also it was $4 for quite a large pot so it made sense to try it out! Can you tell I’m a bit of an impulse buyer 😉 

I initially went into Big W to repurchase one of my favourite primers which is the NP Set anti-redness primer but after I couldn’t find it so instead I ended up buying the Revlon ~ Photoready Primer which I have been wanting to try for a while and have heard great things about. 

Also while I was at Big W I decided to repurchase my all-time favourite concealers which is the Maybelline ~ Fit Me concealer in the lightest shade  and I am very excited to have it back in my life after foolishly believing there would be better concealers out there 😉 

Finally I found a cosmetics bag in the perfect shape and size for keeping in my handbag. It’s by Boe and is a pale pink pinstripe (what a tongue twister) with gold zipper and I’m really happy with it because I finally have a little bag to store all my makeup items in while in my handbag.  

                                                                  – N xx



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