Everyone has bad days, it’s inevitable, but there are ways to make it easier. Take it from me. I have had my fair share of dismal days and these are my tried and tested ways of improving my mood that will hopefully help some of you too.

 1.   Make your bed…

This may seem insignificant but it is a really easy way to get you out of bed and therefore a little more productive. On my bad days I find getting out of bed difficult and waste the day lazing around. By getting up and immediately making my bed it makes me not want to get back in it and messing it up so I then get up and do something more productive. Plus it’s all cosy and ready for you to snuggle back into when the day is over.  

2.   Treat yourself to a cosy bath…

Once you’re out of bed have a warm and cosy bath and don’t forget to use that bath bomb that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Life is a special occasion so don’t feel like it’s a waste to use it because trust me, once you get into the bath full of beautiful aromas and feel how moisturised your skin feels when you get out you will be glad you used one. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself!

 3.  Unapologetically take time out for you…

This one is one that I really struggle with. Don’t feel as if you’re wasting your time doing something you enjoy such as reading or knitting or doing a Sudoku puzzle. We get too caught up thinking that time would be better spent doing menial tasks such as sorting out your finances or cleaning out the fridge that we forget to take time to relax. Taking a half an hour out of your day to read a book or bake cookies isn’t going to set the universe off-balance but it is going to help keep life from getting too stressful.

 4.  Pick up a hobby…

Hobbies are important because they break up the daily grind and allow you to not only take time to do something you enjoy but also learn a new craft. Whether it’s learning an instrument or blogging, a hobby is a really great escape from reality and for me gives me a reason to get out of bed on days where I’m not feeling very productive. Plus with a new hobby you never know where it might lead. Maybe you’ll become an incredibly skilled pianist or found out that you have a real knack for landscape photography. Just have a go.

5.  Have a change of scenery…

Change can be scary but it can also be very refreshing and when you’re stuck in a series of bad days it can be a bit life-changing. It also isn’t too difficult to give yourself a little change of scenery and take a break from the ordinary. A change of scenery can be small like redecorating your bedroom or house or if you really need a break from reality it can be as big as going on a holiday. Sometimes just a simple day trip to the next town, a beach or a local park on your lunch break can be enough to break routine.

 6.  Switch up your look a little…

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut in life with routine and creature comforts. When you get in a rut it can make life feel more menial and lead to a bad day. So to avoid routine switch your daily makeup routine up a little. Wear a bolder lip colour than what you usually would or have a play around with contouring and you never know, you might end up loving your new look. If you’re reaching a crossroads in life and feeling like you want to make a major change to your look then even getting vastly different hair cut or switching up your wardrobe and reinvent yourself a little.

7.  Adjust your work-out routine…

Another way to stop yourself from getting stuck in a rut is to switch-up your workout routine a little from week to week or every couple of days. By switching between going to the gym, partaking in Yoga or Pilates classes or even playing a team sport once or twice a week will not only allow your routine to change and remain interesting but also will do your body and overall health a lot of good because it will mean that you’re working different muscles and parts of your bodies each time.

 8.   Smile more and think happy thoughts…

It’s near on impossible to be sad when you’re smiling and thinking positive thoughts. As Roald Dahl said “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” and this is quite true. Not only will you look lovely but you will feel lovely. For me seeing the positive side in life is the most important thing and when I think positive thoughts I feel much happier so instead of dwelling on the doom and gloom on your bad days try and focus on things you are thankful for like the way the sun rises each morning.

9.     Bask in the sun – Let the light in…

Speaking of the sun, another thing that makes me vastly happier on my bad days is sunlight. If you sit in your dark room with the lights off and curtains drawn it can feel a bit suffocating and only add to your misery. Open your curtains, let the light and the fresh air in and even go outside and take a moment to focus on breathing, feel the sun on your face and be thankful you are alive.

10. “It’s a bad day not a bad life”…

Above all else just remember it’s only bad day not a bad life. Even if it’s a series of bad days, or bad months or bad years it will end eventually and you will have good days again. Life is full of so many beautiful moments that without the bad days we just wouldn’t appreciate as much. Remember that you are loved and this universe wouldn’t be the same without you. 

 –        N xx


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